The admissions process at St. Martin’s Home usually begins with a phone call or an informal meeting with our social service designee or one of the Little Sisters. During this conversation, we seek to identify the following information about the prospective resident:

  • Age and financial eligibility
  • Any medical concerns or conditions
  • Level of care needed
  • Current living arrangements and circumstances
  • Expectations and hopes regarding their future long-term care experience

This question / answer process helps identify if the applicant’s needs and personal goals would be met through the services provided by our home. If it is determined that the individual meets our criteria, the next step will be to schedule a visit. After the visit, final decisions are made. However, it is important when applying to our home to recognize that when we have an opening in one of our assisted living or nursing home rooms, we first look to our current residents to determine if anyone is in need of a higher level of assistance. If all of our residents are placed appropriately, we will then open the available room to the public.

What happens if there are no rooms available when an applicant applies?

  • If it is determined that the applicant meets our criteria, the applicant will be placed on our waiting list
  • If we are unable to meet the applicant’s needs, we will provide potential resources in the community that can be of service to the individual.

For more information please call Mary Eff, MSW, social service designee, at 410.744.9367 ext. 113 or email her at