Heading to our assigned area to line up for the 2013 St. Patrick Parade, Little Sisters, staff, friends, volunteers, and family members were greeted with a pleasant surprise! We were serenaded with the song, “Here Come the Nuns” (to the Beatles hit song “Here Comes the Sun”) by one of the bands in the parade.

Residents rode in our bus and waved Irish flags while over 30 walkers marched with pride behind the Little Sisters of the Poor banner. Sister Loretto, representing Little Sisters of the Poor as Honorary Grand Marshall, Sister Rosemary and Resident Harry Banahan rode in a convertible at the start of the parade.                                                

For more than 50 years, thousands have lined the streets of downtown Baltimore to watch thousands more march in this celebration of Irish culture and traditions! We were blessed with a beautiful, sunny day! Thank you for the support of so many who joined us and for those who applauded the Little Sisters and our mission as we marched by!

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Video courtesy of Sister Rosemary.